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Romania's Faur Bucuresti Produced Devices To Be Used In Assembly Of Airbus Aircraft


Romanian industrial manufacturer Faur Bucuresti (FAU.RO) has delivered technical devices to French aircraft company Latecoere, to be used in the assembly lines of the A380 airplane, the latest type of ultra-high-capacity airliner, says a press release issued Wednesday by the Romanian company.

The Groupe Latecoere specializes in the design and technical maintenance of various high-precision aeronautics components, utilized in the assembly of Airbus aircraft wings. Read more...

Metallic structures and construction machinery

FAUR SA has over 88 years of tradition in machine building.
The company was founded in 1921 under the name MALAXA, hading the main activity the repairing of the rolling stock, manufacturing steam locomotives, car-engines and passenger coaches, Diesel engines, brake equipment, special alloy steels.
In the period 1948 - 1989, as The Plants "23 August", it has extended its range of manufacturing, by approaching pilot projects to the most Romanian industries but also to other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
In 1990, the company was named "FAUR" SA, with a double mission: first, to keep up with the tradition that had known the company name and secondly, to ensure a future in accordance with the market requirements.
Since 2004, "FAUR" is a member of the Romanian private group called "BEGA GRUP” and in present there is a continuous process of modernization of production to achieve the highest performance standards. The company has a total staff of 500 / 2009. Turnover is 8.333.123 EUR in 2009.

The main objective is customer satisfaction and its requirements.
Technical facilities and highly qualified personnel allow us a high flexibility to meet the most exacting demands of internal and external customers.
Industrial equipment can be manufactured in accordance with Romanian or foreign standards, depending on customer requirements.

"FAUR" SA has the technical production capability to execute industrial equipment and parts for:
- Complex welding and machining constructions;
- Metallurgy industry (parts or spare parts for rolling lines, continuous casting, mill bodies, cardan shafts, furnaces belts, etc.);
- The Cement industry (spare parts for cement plants, pipe mills, rotary kilns, crushers, grate coolers);
- Machinery and spare parts for construction: axles, piston rods, shafts, pistons, wheels, flanges, hubs, pinions, rods;
- Chemical and petrochemical plants compressor cylinders, crankshafts for engines and compressors for drilling.
- Rolling Stock (production, maintenance and repair of locomotives, trams, Diesel-hydraulic railcars, bogies, crankshafts, cardan shafts, etc.);
- Drilling sets and groups
- Various Metallic parts for energy industry (engine housings, alternators, wind parts)
SC "FAUR" carry out also a wide range of spare parts, according to manufacturing specifications of customers.
The company's products have been exported to over 50 countries: Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Canada, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil, China, etc.

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Existing certifications of FAUR:

Quality System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • TÜV Certificate and WF 0110162 HH2001-09-28 (welding constructions and welders according to EN 1418-2
  • EN 487 A1, AFER, ISCIR for the manufacturing of rolling stock, modern laboratories, where can be achieved: radiographic analysis of metals, chemical and mechanical tests, spectral analysis, nondestructive inspections (U.S., RX, MT, LP)
Type design software:
  • CAD 2006
  • Inventor 10.
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